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Fighting Vipers

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Released: 1995

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sega

Submitted by: Scott Reed

Knowing that Sega cancelled the final Eternal Champions game so no-one would realize how inferior Virtua Fighter was it makes me wonder. Did some similar underhanded gittery occur to explain how little fanfare surrounded Fighting Vipers. A game if not better than at least Virtua Fighter’s equal. Might explain Last Bronx and Anarchy in the Nippon’s treatment as well…

The gimmick with Fighting Vipers is amour. The smash-offable kind. And enclosed rings. The smash-outable kind. There is an additional meter (shaped like a body) in addition to your health. Enough strong attacks and your amour will shatter. It looks rather cool and is the only real way to confirm Tokio’s sex. The amour also lends itself very well to the block polygons of the era. After all it’s all supposed to angular and smooth – it’s armor!

AM2 manage to create a much more unique, original and varied cast to kick the crap out of each other. Special mention goes to beautiful rollerblader Grace, hard-arse Bhan, metal head Raxel and cosplay favorite Honey. It also uses a simpler, much more accessible fighting system. It’s lack of authenticity might upset some Martial Arts practitioners. I’m not one. And I doubt you are.

Alas there’s no point in playing the game, at least the PAL version.

Huh, but all this has been leading up to a recommendation right? No. You see since it’s release and now Sega have released Fighters Megamix. Which combines Fighting Vipers with Virtua Fighter and adds a load of extra characters too. By allowing you to choose both games fighting systems it pretty much makes the both obsolete.

The Japanese version doesn’t suffer the same fate. For a cheaper price, even including a region changer cart, you get everything the PAL version has, including it’s extra modes and image gallery. Then you get blood and Pepsiman. The Japanese mascot for Pepsi Cola. On the list of Product Mascots Pepsiman rates just below Cool Spot and the Smash Robots. Scream with me – PEPSIMAAAAN!!

And you’ll have what you need when you finally get that copy of Radiant Silvergun.