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Final Fantasy Adventure

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Released: 1991

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Square

Developer: Square

Submitted by: Nick DeMarco

Final Fantasy Adventure is often quietly overlooked in the vast original Gameboy library, especially with other Final Fantasy entries, the Legend series, often hogging all of the limelight, but if you are a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, I encourage you NOT to overlook this classic masterpiece.

The story is one of a young hero and heroine as they attempt to thwart the evil doings of the Dark Lord Of Glaive and his evil sorcerer accomplice Julius from destroying the Tree Of Mana and dooming the world. From the opening scene, as the young hero is forced to face monsters for the enjoyment of the Dark Lord, you know you are in for a compelling story to unfold before you.

While you find allies along the way, the majority of your journey is done alone, learning new spells, obtaining new weapons, and slaying monsters in your quest to stop the Dark Lord and Julius. For a Gameboy game, the graphics are well done with what you expect from Final Fantasy games, and saying that, you can also expect a great soundtrack. Yes, even on those tiny Gameboy speakers.

This game may not have long cutscenes or even the greatest soundtrack in a Final Fantasy game, but it does have all the tools, in my opinion, to make it even greater then the Final Fantasy Legend series.