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Final Fantasy VIII

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Released: 1999

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Square

Developer: Square

Submitted by: Kai Lunkeit

Some players may have disliked the new, more "Western" look of FF8 but this is hands down the most brilliant game in the long running series of outstanding role playing games!

Coming on a whopping four CD-ROMs, this game really made use of the medium and the power of the PlayStation and brought you a stunning RPG experience that offers jaw-dropping visuals, deep gameplay and a hooking storyline.

You play Squall Leonheart, a young student at a military facility called Garden. You and your friends will join SeeD, an elite combat unit but fear not: this won't be a teenage academy story. The plot will soon unfold to epic proportions and span the whole globe. Your adventure leads through dozens of marvellous and beautifully designed locations, filled with hundreds of people to talk with and even more monsters to fight against.

Summonable Guardian Forces play a big role in the new fighting system 'cause they not only help you in combat but also enable you to learn new magic abilities. 

Not only the perfectly animated cut-scenes and the pre-rendered backgrounds are stunning but also those scenes in which you fight or run in front of a jaw-dropping FMV sequence. Never again have playability and mind-boggling presentation been blended so perfectly as in this game!

FINAL FANTASY VIII simply is an adorable, outstanding and brilliant RPG masterpiece that has never been bettered.