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Fire and Ice

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Released: 1992

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Renegade

Developer: Graftgold

Submitted by: Ash H

Travel across five worlds as Cool Coyote and rescue the coyote pups.

On loading you are treated to Cool Coyote playing the piano and barking along to it. You already know you are in for a treat. Starting on the ice world the cool one can run, jump, throw ice pellets and snow bombs. Ice pellets freeze the enemy so they can be shattered by running into them. Occasionally, a special weapon can be picked like a storm cloud or a sonic bark. Obviously the ice world is a slippery place and you can speed all over the place. There are different enemies here like penguins and seagulls who drop bombs and a bigger suprise awaits at the end of the level. Buttons need to be pressed which can lead to a new area perhaps via an ice bridge, but these bridges don't last long and soon start to melt.

Along the bottom of the screen there is a map of all the worlds that you will visit in the game. You will need keys to get through exits to certain lands. Rescue a puppy and it tags along with you but can get left behind. They are capable of throwing ice pellets aswell and can shatter enemies by bumping into them.

Fire and Ice has wonderful grapics which differ on each level and are smooth throughout. Along with Cool Coyote's piano playing there is in game music which is nice and various sound effects which do their jobs. As with alot of platform games this can be frustrating in parts but i found it a real pleasure to play. Cool.