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Released: 1991

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sega


The first thing that hits you when returning to Sega’s Flicky is just how horrendous its boxart still is.

Released at a time when Sega felt that the epitome of cool was to plaster a (admittedly distinctive if non-aesthetic) grid on the Mega Drive boxes instead of sticking with the excellent art that adorned its many Japanese releases, Flicky’s art looks very, very dated.

Luckily the cartridge that’s within its plastic innards contains a title that’s still as enjoyable to play through as it ever was, and our newly found love for Flicky (available soon on Sega’s new 360 and PS3 compilation) is all thanks to Sony’s The Last Guy.

Playing through the PSN release recently has made us appreciate just how clever Flicky actually is, and while it’s by no means a masterpiece, it’s a title whose presence we’ve often scoffed at whenever we’ve seen it included on past compilations.

Based on an old Sega coin-op from 1984, Flicky (who has since been integrated into Sonic’s universe) is a mother on a mission, who must traverse her simple multiplatform environment to collect up her escaped Chirps and protect them from hungry cats and Iggy the Iguana. Collected Chirps follow her in a single file until she successfully leads them to the stage’s exit – you’ll get more points the more Chirps you save at any one time – and there’s a grand total of 48 different levels to negotiate.

Flicky may be a cute bird, but she’s far from defenceless and can use various items that are scattered around each stage to defeat any moggies that stray too close to her. The wraparound screen also works in the bird and player’s favour, as it proves to be a great diversion tactic for the later stages.

Also available on Sega’s Master System (although it sadly bypassed the 8-bit computers of the time) Flicky remains a challenging, fun game that holds some surprisingly tough gameplay under its cute and fluffy exterior.

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