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Formula 1 97

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Released: 1997

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Psygnosis

Developer: Bizzare Creations

Submitted by: Jack Poole-Fuste

The Formula 1 97, the second installment of an official F1 game came out in 1997, giving all you petrol heads something to fill the Formula 1 shaped hole in you by crashing a great speed into a barrier in a rainy Monte Carlo until the new season swung about. And even though it was more of an update of the original Formula 1 game, this game obliterated much of its opisition with beautiful graphics, dizzing speeds, a great simulation and arcade mode as well as having all the F1 cars you would ever care for.

The great graphics was probably a pretty obvious thing thanks to the association with Psygnosis, who also made Destruction Derby, and the dizzying speeds because its formula 1, but then there is the brilliant choice to play two completely different games, arcade or Grand Prix (Simulation Mode), both of which have the cars using different handling from each other, different options and different killer moments. And if your one of those people who think that the newer games MUST be better, then you are sadly incorrect, apart from the slightly exaggerated gravity & the polygonal graphics in 97, there isn't much sepperating this from the stellar 2005 game.

I wasn't a fan of Formula 1 when i borrowed this game from a friend, but that can't stop me from appreciating the incredible depth that was put into the second game, when it feels more like the seventh. Follow this advice; get to the chequered flag and buy this game now.