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Formula One Grand Prix

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Released: 1992

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Publisher: Micropose

Developer: Geoff Crammond

Submitted by: Robert Dunning

Produced by Micropose, designed by Geoff Crammond.

Formula One Grand Prix is a single player PC formula one racing simulator. Circuits, teams and drivers were based on the 1991 Formula One season although real names of drivers and teams are substituted with pseudonyms. The game had a unique physics and 3D engine for the time which added realism to the racing and made maximum usage of scarce PC resources. The main menu allows for car control customisation depending upon the abilities of the gamer. Weather conditions, car tuning, qualifying and collisions were among its many features.

Why is this game special? Driving realism until this game had been low due to a lack of a suitable physics engine. Geoff Crammond specialised in programming car racing games and used his degree in Physics to add realism in the game details. Most modern racing simulation games owe a note of thanks to this quality gaming experience!

Why is this game special to me? I purchased my first IBM PC (Ambra Sprinta 386 in the early 90's) and played this simulation many times. Watching a recent live F1GP I found myself spontaneously recalling the very point in the game that the drivers were currently racing on… a great tribute to the realism of this early racing car sim.