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Frontier: Elite II

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Released: 1993

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Amiga 1200

Publisher: Gametek

Developer: David Braben

Submitted by: Scratch Porkings

Where do you start! Frontier was a sequel to Elite, a space trading game awesome in it's scope at the time. I played Elite on the C64 and you had an entire galaxy to play with, not bad for the time. But Frontier was a revalation, you could land on, mine, trade with, or whatever any planet, asteroid or moon in the entire galaxy. So it was staggering to behold when you first booted it up, but it soon gripped you. You could have a career, miner, pirate, spy, and many other choices. Or just mess about in the biggest sandbox game ever (GTA… Pah!) The physics were based on real life, or Einstienien law or whatever, so it felt thrilling in a dog fight against pirates on the edge of a solar system!

People lay into the game because of the bugs, the many bugs! But whenever the game crashed I was booting it back up as soon as possible. They never put me off, the game was too big to be bug free, espessially for the time. For me this is one of the biggest and best games ever and I dream of a proper sequel.