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Galactic Pinball

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Released: 1995

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Virtual Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Intelligent systems

Submitted by: Elliot Tait

The Virtual boy! Nintendo’s dark little secret. Gunpei Yokoi’s outstanding career is Marred by this massive turkey. I recently Acquired a system complete with galactic pinball. It happens to be one of the best adaptations of the wonderful pastime I have ever had the pleasure to play.

Gameplay wise it is true to the physics and unpredictably of the real thing. It is a litte sticky but passable. Complete with four starter tables each unique in their rewards and difficulty. Nintendo’s system wasn’t perhaps too keen on producing spherical objects as for some reason the ball in this pinBALL game has been replaced with a puck?

Graphically it isn’t great and Nintendo’s claims of a 32 bit system are a little hard to believe. I will say certain in game effects do create the illusion of 3D rather than “Virtual reality”.

The sound in the game is fantastic, somthing the virtual boy actually does very very well. Complete with the fizz, bang and explosions of real pinball tables

Many, i dare say, will not have had the pleasure of this game but it deserves to be noticed and admired. If you can stand the blinding headaches and potential reported risks of seizures give it a go…..it just about worth it.