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Game & Watch Gallery 3

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Released: 1999

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy Color

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo R&D1

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Nintendo’s Game and Watch video games have to be some of the most charming video-games ever made. These simple self contained mini-games are brilliant fun and now can cost a pretty penny if in mint condition. However to stop people from gaining huge unpayable bills, Nintendo released a series of Game and Watch compilations on the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour. Game and Watch Gallery 3 is the installment of the series I own and I love it.

Game and Watch Gallery 3 contains initially the games; Egg, Turtle Bridge, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Jr and Greenhouse. However the game contain six more unlockable games which are; Fire, Flagman, Donkey Kong II, Judge, Lion and Spitball Sparky.

The game contains eleven Game and Watch titles in total and each of them are fun in their own way, which I like. Another thing I like about this compilation (or the games) is that each one is different yet addictive and simple meaning they are a pleasure to play anytime. An added feature to all the compilations is the updated colours, graphics and music to the games which really adds some life to these classics. However, if you want to reminisce the glory days of the original Game and Watch sounds and graphics, you can as their is an option to do so.

To conclude Game and Watch Gallery 3 and the Game and Watch Gallery series are a brilliant throwback to the original handheld pioneers. They have got great graphics, gameplay and music, both original and updated. If you are a fan of Game and Watch games or just want to give the games a try for the first time they are regularly available for cheap on E-bay meaning anyone can give them a go, without having to pay a fortune for the original versions.