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Released: 1994

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: 3DO

Publisher: BMG Interactive

Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Submitted by: Ryan Davies

Never before has a 2D platformer had such a complex plot – seriously, the manual carries on for six pages about Gex's love of television, the death of his father at the hands of NASA, the family's subsequent winning of the lottery and buying-out of NASA, and Gex's purchase of a house in Hawaii along with the world's biggest television set.

Only after this does a hand eventually jump out of the TV and pull Gex inside, which is where most platformers of this era would start from, and it's not just in the storyline department where Gex differs from its cohorts. Like Bubsy, he never shuts up and he's very fast, and comes complete with the whole arrogance and "attitood" thing too. These aren't bad things, mind – the 3DO's one of those CD-based things, so the speech and music is wonderfully marvellous.

Erm, he can climb up walls and on the ceiling, and then on the back walls too, as in the walls on the background. Gex is a gecko y'see, and he knows it. A dirty, tail-flicking, tongue-lashing, platform-hopping gecko who runs all over the themed levels of TV-land, each with numeroud pop-culture references spread throughout. You have to find loads of remote controls which can lead to secret areas, and it's certainly one of the most playable games on the 3DO, as it contains all of the elements that make a game Just Right.

Okay, well when I first got my 3DO it came with Gex and FIFA, and I still haven't played the latter, so it's obviously a game of lasting appeal. Give it a go if you like. I did, and have no regrets as of yet.