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Go Go! Mile Smile

25,447 views 6 comments

Released: 1995

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Arcade

Publisher: Fuuki

Developer: Fuuki

Let’s be honest – when the first word that comes to mind about a game is “anachronism” it probably isn’t a good thing. Fuuki’s colourful maze game is quite enticing, but we’re imagining it would have been a pretty tough sell in the arcade market of 1995. Bear in mind, by that point the world had Sega Rally, Tekken and other 3D extravaganzas, and maze games were already quite out of fashion.

Of course, we’re not the type to be concerned about whether or not a game was fashionable when it was released, because we’re not tremendously concerned about that now – and as it turns out, it’s quite a neat little game. You play as an egg, operating from within a protected zone, and must extend out into the maze in order to collect items in order to move onto the next stage. Of course, it’s never an easy task as the maze is populated by critters that would quite like to wreck up your day, and you’re working against a time limit too. The further you probe, the more danger you’re in as enemies can hit at any point along your path.

In terms of presentation, it’s not the most sophisticated game – the 2D isn’t cutting edge and the sounds are passable, but it’s all pleasant enough. While Go Go! Mile Smile is enjoyable, it’s no wonder it didn’t become a hit. So long as you just enjoy it for what it is though, it is perfectly acceptable gaming.