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Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples

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Released: 1994

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Sega 32X

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Flashpoint Productions

Submitted by: Scott Reed

Fred 'Boom Boom' Couples is an, unsurprisingly, American golfer who was once ranked number one in the world. He's apparently a very relaxed bloke but he shares a face with a lot of American 'sportsmen', one I want to punch. Golf Magazine is a golf magazine, who'd've thought. Wikipedia has it's uses.

I don't mind the odd golf game. I'd never actually play the real game because it's filled with more twats than a Star Trek convention to whom self-deprecation is on the same level as multiple buggery with menaces. And this is one of the most accessible and variety filled titles out there.

It's a golf game. Not surprising then that you position your ball's trajectory with a cursor then press a button (oddly 'C' here) as a 'power bar' goes up and down to determine how hard you're going to whack it. But 36 Holes wraps this, for lack of better metaphor, in chocolate.

You have a legion of golf clubs at your disposal, so many you use two button to switch between them. HOWEVER (in capitals!) the game is considerate enough to tell you, in game, the difference between them. That is how far they'll knock the ball. Y'know considerate is a good way to describe 36 Gloryholes. There seems to be an acceptance that most pro golfers will be too busy actually wearing the silly clothes and playing the real game and people playing 36 Bumholes will likely be golfing luddites who like Streets of Rage. So it tells you everything you need to know on screen all the time. It even switches on this geographical trick when you're on the green so you can tell the terrain exactly. 

There’s still an amount of features you won’t understand unless you know Tiger Woods’ inside leg measurement but that doesn’t stop me from making the bold statement that 36 Peeholes is the best golfer on the Mega Drive. It looks nice, it players nicer and you don’t have to be Ronnie Corbett to get it. And there’s 42 ways to play! 42!