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Grand Theft Auto II

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Released: 1999

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Rockstar

Developer: DMA Design

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

After the massive and controversial hit that was Grand Theft Auto, the sequel was one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 1999.

Retaining the birds eye view of the original, this game introduced some features that are still used in the series today.  They include the addition of extra law enforers, no longer will you be chased only by pc plod in his squad car, now SWAT teams, the FBI and even the army will hunt you down should you too much for the boys in blue to handle. 

Plus the weapons roster is beefed up considerably, and features such beauties as dual pistols, tazers and silenced sub machine guns, providing the opportunity for a few stealthy kills.

And each stage is occupied by a small number of gangs, ranging from sinister business organizations to Buddhist monks.  Each have their own agenda and missions which involve killing rivial gang members or disrupting their opperations.  And should you anger a rival gang, you will be fired upon should you stray into their area.

The graphics are somewhat darker and have a more comic book style when compared to the original, and compliment the sinister mood of the game very well.  Plus the radio stations now favor perticular gangs, and play music according to their taste.

The last game made in the GTA series before the glorious jump to the 3D style, Grand Theft Auto II proves that when it comes to sandbox crime sims, Rockstar are no one trick ponies.