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Heart of the Alien

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Released: 1994

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Sega CD/Mega CD

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Developer: Interplay

Submitted by: Scott Reed

Right, let's talk about the true high end of pre-Playstation video games. Another World. A stunningly cinematic graphic adventure come platformer that was amazingly, from France. It's wonderful use of lighting, it's high production value, it's gorgeous score and it's sharp controls of course making it a commercial failure. Because everyone was enjoying shoddy Sonic knock-offs and furiously masturbating over the thought of the upcoming Super Nintendo.

Heart of the Alien is Another World's Mega CD excusive sequel. But the disc contains a on the money port of the original. So everything's relevant. Actually let's take a look at both games individually:

Heart of the Alien: Brilliant.

Another World: Bloody Brilliant.

Graphic adventures aren't the most exciting of games. They usually consist of walking from screen to screen finding useful objects, using them and talking to NPCs. Focussing much more on great stories than action packed shooting sections. Luckily HotA and Another World incorporate a large amount of platforming into themselves. Making a wonderful hybrid. Unlike Trifle.

HoTA has you controlling Buddy. Lester's alien friend from Another World. Armed with his wicked electro-whip. The whip allowing for swinging aside nothing has really changed. So just read my opening paragraph mentally copy/paste it here. It only uses pixels now, apparently, but I don't really give two tugs of a dead dog's dong.

Eric Chahi. The man behind Another World (and Flashback too!) had nothing to do with HoTA. I didn't know this until I looked at Wiki. And this goes to show how extra special the game is that it manages to perfectly emulate the original's feeling and atmosphere. I've said this before about other games and I'm right again. Keeping such a high quality on anything when the auteur has buggered off and disavowed the whole thing is hard.

People continue with saying Lunar is the best Sega CD game, I disagree. This is. So saying this comes recommended is somewhat redundant. What I will say is this -http://www.gamefaqs.com/. Trust me here. It's the best advice anyone can give you when you sit down to play these two.