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Released: 1991

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: NES/Famicom

Publisher: Sony Imagesoft

Developer: Ocean

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

It is a known fact that movie-based video-games are not usually great. While most are terribly embarrasing, Hook on the NES is a brave attempt and quite an averagely fun platformer.

Based on the film of the same name, Hook has you play the role of Peter Pan and with assistance from Tinkerbell you set off to stop Captain Hook and his evil ways. The game plays as a standard side-scrolling platformer with various different levels all accessed by the map screen. The map screen has a compass which when you rotate tells you the whereabouts of the various levels. This menu set-up adds novelty I think because not only does it keep in line with the film but also is quite a unique feature.

The game has some decent sound, music and graphics which really give the levels some atmosphere. However it isn't all a bed of roses as their are a few faults with this game. The first is the controls. The controls are not bad the game just makes them give the impression they are stiff and when you try to execute a jump or move it can feel a little sluggish. Secondly Peter only has his little dagger as his primary weapon and this can get frustrating because a lot of the enemies take multiple hits to kill and because you need to get so close to them to kill them it can get tiresome and annoying. Finally this game is hard. It isn't the hardest game I have ever played but it is hard. Now this difficulty is a combination of the game itself and the bad controls, so if you want to try this out, you have been warned.

Nevertheless Hook is still a brave attempt at a good movie-based game and to a certain degree it manages it. It isn't the best movie game ever and definatly isn't the worst. It is average if anything. If you enjoy unusual and cult platformers or you are a NES collector I would give this a try. And to the other people who are not and curious to give it a try I would just be aware it is a challenge, but enjoy.


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Released: 1992

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Ocean

Developer: Ocean

Submitted by: Matthew 'Keith' Bridge

Peter Banning is an ordinary suburban dad with two kids – or so everyone thinks. What not even his family know is his past as Peter Pan, scourge of Captain Hook in JM Barrie's children's fiction. Captain Hook gains revenge on Banning by stealing his two children, so Peter must return to Neverland, return to eternal childhood, and get them back.

It's a point and click adventure, and the pirate setting ensures that it recalls the Monkey Island games. The top 2/3 of the screen features a visual depiction of the area Peter is in, which a row of icons along the bottom can be selected to alter the function of a mouse click. These include looking at an object, picking it up, talking to people, using objects to solve problems (often in combination with others), and giving objects to others.