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Released: 1999

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Dreamcast

Publisher: Rage Software

Developer: Rage Software

Submitted by: James Holian

Incoming is another early Dreamcast shooter. Nice visuals The goal of the game is to clear about nine waves of enemies, in each wave you control a different weapon. You can use a jet/helicopter, tank, land vehicle, or even a turret. When your in a turret you must shoot down as many enemies as possible. When your in a Jet you may be forced to attack an enemy base, or just survive long enough to clear the level. The number of enemies is huge, but they do come in the same pattern every time you play the level, (pretty much straight into the path of your guns).

Incoming's main strength is its visuals. Obviously the developers wanted to put a lot of care into this department, and it shows. Back in 1999 this game was breath taking, and today is still nice to look at. Every vehicle in the game, from helicopters to tanks are modelled beautifully. The only problem is that all the levels, while nice at first glance, lack the detail that went into the vehicles. The battle fields begin to look the same one after the other, only made of different coloured polygon mountains. The area design is extremely well done, this is part of what makes Incoming the unique game it is. When your in a fast vehicle you can explore the massive levels that are filled with dozens and dozens of secret areas and weapons. The way the areas are put together makes the game feel massive even though the levels are actually kind of small. Incoming has some very impressive effects, but the textures look rather plain. Still, the minimal features of the levels leave the CPU free to keep the action moving quickly and smoothly.

Overall a basic shoot-em-up. Fun at first, but gets repetitive. Different modes of play between the tank, gun turret, helicopters, and planes are a good idea, but the missions are very samey. Multiplayer doesn't really add anything to the game. Excellent graphics during gameplay with hardly any slow down and the music and sound effects are pretty good.