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Indy Heat

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Released: 1992

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Storm

Developer: The Sales Curve

Submitted by: Ash H

Grab a couple of mates because three of you can play this neat little racer. Indy Heat is an overhead racer similar to Super Sprint and Super Off Road.

Once you have chosen a character it is time to build up your car because it won't last long. Choices include brakes, tyres and engine, all to help your performance. You can also improve the speed of your pit crew and how far a full tank of gas will take you. Then it's on to the race.

As the gun sounds the four cars on screen have a track with a set amount of laps to complete. Crashing into barriers and bumping cars will damage your car. Also as your fuel gets low your pit crew will call you in, failure to do so and your car will go on a go slow and possibly catch fire. Make it to the pits and your crew will do their job. If other players are in at the same time you can hit their cars and take out a member of  their crew. This is good fun but it can happen to you too.Winning gives you the more money to spend on your car.

Indy Heat is great fun with friends but it is a very short game and quite easy. Probably not worth 25 quid at the time of it's release but now worth picking up. This game won't make the amiga sweat but the graphics are still neat and the usual engine sounds etc. Fun in a small dose.