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Kevin Keegan's Player Manager

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Released: 1993

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: Imagineer

Developer: ANCO

Submitted by: James Evans

A WARNING – if you play this game make sure you have the instruction book. It is impossible to fathom it all out otherwise. For example when you start a new game (ref holding one arm up icon) you are then greeted with three different hat icons. This is the difficulty…. So seeing though the game has already been set to confusing, let's go manage!

A good touch is then selecting a letter from A-Z – this randomly sorts out your new to be team along with various issues and challenges that you need to fix such as your strikers are all bobbins. This does add longevity to proceedings.

When you finally start it's the random icon game again. You have the calculator (finances and player transfers, wages etc right?) which is the league stats and figures screen and there is a big deformed permed Kevin Keegan face which is actually the screen that does all the above mentioned functions. Confused yet? I sure am and I have the manual. This must be what its like to actually be Kevin Keegan and managing a team!

Once you get your head around the icons and menus and figure out that night is day, Bolton Wanderers are good at football and the cold tap puts your sub keeper up front then there is a deep, almost complex management sim. Chuck in on match day the fact that you can play as your team if you wish with the Kick Off 3 engine (don't its woeful and rock hard) then you have a nearly complete package. You can get this game for under a fiver so its definately worth playing… just get it with the manual!