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Released: 1992

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Developer: Cryo

Submitted by: Matthew 'Keith' Bridge

It is August 1991, the USSR has only a few days left before its tremendous collapse and KGB officer Maksim Rukov has been moved, without explanation, to the newly formed Department P which investigates KGB corruption and roots out possible double-agents and traitors.

Sent to investigate the mysterious death of a private detective, Rukov quickly uncovers a nefarious plot by top-level KGB generals to oust President Gorbachev.

Players take the role of Rukov in 3rd person perspective. The game features a Point and Click interface and the ability to rewind to review scenes for important clues. The Famous actor Donald Sutherland stars as Rukov's father and voices the part in the help sections of the game.