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Kula World

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Released: 1998

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Sony

Developer: Game Design Sweden

Submitted by: Shane Smith

Now I’m not the biggest fan of puzzle games (Fighting games are more my cup of tea) but I had to review this unique and quirky game. Kula World is an awesome and highly addictive puzzle game that anyone can play. The game involves you guiding a beach ball around a platform of suspended cubes that form a maze. Your aim is to find the keys which unlock the level exit to advance to the next stage; also you collect coins and fruit that help better your score as you move along the maze.

This game fascinated me not only because you get to play as a bouncy beach ball but how incredibly easy it is to pick up. The controls are so simple, as all you use in the game are the d-pad and X button to jump, you may think with those few controls that this games a walk in the park, you’d be wrong. This game packs 200 stages and it gets harder and harder as you advance. Each stage brings new hazards and obstacles that you have to avoid like spikes that will burst your ball, ice patches which send you sliding off the edge of the platform, and fire which will sadly melts your beach ball. But after every five stages, (If you’ve collected all the fruit) you’ve treated with a bonus stage, you’re beach ball then enters a psychedelic maze where you can collect coins and other goodies to increase you score.

Kula World is so damn addictive that you’ll find yourself unable to put it down. It’s a game that you’ve gotta try out even if you’ve not into puzzle games like myself, this games also pretty rare and fetches a pretty hefty price on eBay. But it’s definitely worth every cent and deserves to be recognised as one of the best puzzle games to ever grace the PlayStation.