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Released: 1990

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Acclaim

Developer: Atlus

Submitted by: Mike Fryatt

Kwirk is a puzzle game that was developed in 1990 by Atlus and was one of the first few games released for the GameBoy. When originally developed it was released in the PC Format before being released later on the GameBoy.

Although hard to tell on the mono GB screen, kwirk, along with his girlfriend Tammy, is a tomato who explores an underground labyrinth where Tammy goes missing. Kwirk, along with fellow veggie friends, has to work his way through the puzzles to find her.

Original Game Box blurb:

“Everybody’s run into kwirks – like when your shoe laces got tied together, or your socks never matched … and behind it all was the original – kwirk himself.

But now, Kwirk, the Chilled Tomato, is in a bit of a stew. Somebody has set a trap for his main squeeze, Tammy. And Kwirk’s the only truckin’ Tomato with a chance to rescue her from this puzzling predicament.

With Kwirk, you’ll mash through any maze, move bunches of blockers, outwit plenty of pits. And, just when you think the laryrinth is licked … a trickier one appears.

So put on your shades, get your thinker in gear, and remember … Tammy’s only got one hope .. you!”

Alternative names for Kwirk have been Puzzle Boy (Japan) and also with the nickname “The Chilled Tomato”

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