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League Bowling

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Released: 1991

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Neo Geo

Publisher: SNK

Developer: SNK

Submitted by: caz county

Mention 'NEO-GEO' to any gamer and instantly they think of epic series of 2d fighting games.the neo tho has a few pretty damned fine sports games as well in its mighty arsenal.
league bowling has been my favourite bowling game on any console for 20 years,only recently overtaken by wii sports bowling.
one of the early neo releases this could be had at the time for a not substantial (by neo standards) £50.
theres 3 game modes inc 'strike 90 and 'flash' but the bests just regulation bowling on 2 players (though it does hold up well for one player mode as well).
its simple to grasp but not so simple that like most games on other consoles you wont be bowling 300 games every time after a day.
just select your weight of ball,what hand you use and basically bowl away using your joystick and power meter ('a' button) and spin if you like!
this games a winner over all the others as its pure arcade and the sound effects are basic but brill…total arcade noise in your own home!!!
though the sound of the pins falling is the best on anything out there!
gameplay in 2 player is where this game scores big tho.
great fun all round.