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Lego Racers

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Released: 1999

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Lego Media

Developer: High Voltage Software

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Making things out of Lego is one of my favourite past-times. From a house to a football stadium to Hogwarts, I always get enjoyment out of the small building bricks. As well physical Lego I also enjoy playing with virtual Lego and my favourite virtual Lego game is Lego Racers.

Lego Racers is as expected a racing game where Lego is the main attraction. Starting with either a custom created or personal created racer and car, you need to navigate around the various tracks and levels to finally win the "Lego Racing Championship". Along the way, as you win the various races you gain new bricks and parts which you can use to customise you're racecar and make it a speed demon. While there are not many customisable parts, the possibilities are endless and this really makes the game unique and fun.

Lego Racers as with all racing games at the time was highly compared to Mario Kart 64 and while the games share some similarities, Lego Racers is not a Mario Kart 64 clone. Lego Racers has some tight controls, colourful graphics and great sound which are just amazingly presented on the N64. Added to this the prospect of Multiplayer also makes the game fun, exciting and replayable.

To conclude Lego Racers is a great racing game. It has some great gameplay, graphics and sound which are only heightened by the N64's great hardware. Lego Racers was released to a variety of different consoles and no matter what version you owned they were all just as fun as each other. While the sequel Lego Racers 2 wasn't great, Lego Racers is still a great alternative racing game and a cult classic I would consider adding to you're collections.