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Released: 1993

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Sam Coupe

Publisher: Fred Publishing

Developer: Chris White

Submitted by: Nick Thorpe

Lemmings was a phenomenon in the early Nineties, with ports produced for more or less every active format at the time after its 1991 Amiga debut. Even less popular machines received the love, thanks to Psygnosis’ willingness to license the game to publishers, which is where the SAM Coupe version of Lemmings comes in.

Lemmings on the SAM Coupe is visually very close to the Amiga original, though scrolling isn’t quite as smooth and the field of view has been narrowed with black bars. The game plays as expected too, with the personable little creatures behaving faithfully to the original. While the cursor scrolls a little slowly, it’s not too much to worry about.

Something that purists might not take too kindly to, however, is how the music has changed. The renditions of the original tunes aren’t too bad, but it’s when iconic tunes are replaced (or so far from the originals that they’re no longer recognisable) that people might start to get upset.

Overall though, the SAM Coupe plays a pretty good game of Lemmings – and given how good Lemmings is, it is recommended to owners of the system.