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Link The Faces Of Evil

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Released: 1993

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Philips CD-I

Publisher: Philips

Developer: Animation Magic

Submitted by: Scott Mckerral

This game is the result of a failed deal Philips done with Nintendo, it allowed Philips to publish games with Nintendo characters, and they were Link the Faces of Evil, Zelda the Wand of Gamelon, Zelda’s Adventure and Hotel Mario.
All of them were absolute rubbish with The Faces of Evil being no exception.
Ok, so you turn on the game and press start and it greets you with a shoddy animated cut scene with awful voice actors that a child could have done in Microsoft Paint, then after the cut scene you get shown a tutorial with Link on how to control him..And err make him do the duck walk….
So now the game starts and you relies how awful the controls are!
To talk to the villagers you stab them, to collect rupees you stab them…and to correct items..you well..stab them.
When you enter a shop an cut scene starts up with a shop keeper asking if you want to buy things, its pretty scary…
The graphics are awful as I mentioned with the child and MS paint quote.
Voice acting is terrible, the cartoon was better.
Overall a pretty shoddy title but, nevertheless an interesting part of the Legend of Zelda games library.