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Released: 1993

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Thalion

Developer: Thalion

Submitted by: Ash H

If you were an amiga owner back in the day and you wanted to impress your console owning chums, then Lionheart was one of those games you would load up. This game had colourful detailed graphics, parallax scrolling and in places an epic soundtrack. The gameplay itself wasn't to shoddy, a hack and slash platformer although our characters run was a bit dodgy.

So the story goes is that you are out to rescue your girlie. Ahead of you are plenty of levels that differ in scenery and plenty of creatures out to stop you. You have your trusty sword with you and have a variety of moves at your disposal, with and without using it. There are plenty of platforms to negotiate and not all of them stay still, some move and some spin on the spot which could lead to your death. Also there are ropes to climb up and slide down and some animals you could interact with, some birds could be flown and small dinosaur like reptiles would also give you a ride, a bit like golden axe.

Lionheart set quite a new standard when released in 1993. The animation of your character, who looks like a thundercat or vincent from beauty and the beast, is impressive. As are the various creatures that need taking out. Some of the big guardians in the game are are as big and spectacular as those seen in the Turrican games. All this while an epic soundtrack plays throughout.

Collecting crystals increases your energy and you can improve your sword over the levels. Most of what is in the game has been seen before. Just like any other platformer, you get them jumps that have to be exact, which can be annoying. But this game on a standard amiga, is quite impressive.