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Live A Live

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Released: 1994

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: SNES

Publisher: Square Co.

Developer: Square Co.

Submitted by: Andrej Lazarević

Live A Live is one of those SNES RPG gems that stayed in Japan. Luckily, the English translation was completed in December of 2001.
Live A Live features seven unrelated chapters (that can be played in any order), each with its own story, characters, quests and each set in a different time (prehistoric, sci-fi, western etc.). After the player has completed all seven chapters, two final chapters became available to connect the events of previous chapters and conclude the story. 
Battles take place in a 7X7 square grid where the characters can move and attack. Each character has his unique techniques with different strength, range and charge time. Techniques can be used unlimitedly, but certain techniques require longer charge time than the others giving the enemy more time to attack. 
Each of the chapters in Live A Live feels like a different game. In the ninja chapter you will have to sneak into the feudal castle and assassinate the owner. In the present day chapter you will fight in a Street Fighter like tournament while in the western chapter you'll search for traps to capture a group of bandits. 
The only flaw of the game is that it's too short; it can be completed in just a few hours. Still, every RPG fan out there should give this one a try, for its unique elements make Live A Live one-of-a-kind experience.