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Mad Dog McCree

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Released: 1992

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Philips CD-I

Publisher: American laser games

Developer: American laser games

Submitted by: Elliot Tait

I recently noticed this series rearing it’s ugly head on the wii. So i decided to review it’s predecessor.  I recently bought a phillips CD-i complete with many games. Most of these games were laughably bad. None more so than Mad Dog McCree.

The phillips CD-i is often commented upon for “Those” Zelda games. However there are worse games, in my mind the CD-i is THE worst console ever made. Someone please prove me wrong!

Mad dog McCree, or MDM from this point, is a FMV point and shoot game. It is quite simply an abomination.

Even with the sluggish compatable light gun it takes an absolute age to get your shots away.  Graphically it is unimpressive as many FMV games at the time were. Shocking acting, cardboard sets and hideous stock music and sound really sinks this sticky pile of crap.

I dont like this game…..And if there is anyone out there that believes MDM is a good game i fear for your mental state.

MDM proves that even though retro in many of our minds connotes fluffy pink nostagia….There is the odd steaming pile of bile out there…Beware the CD-i!

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