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Magic & Mayhem

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Released: 1998

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: PC - Windows

Publisher: Mythos Games

Developer: Julian Gollop

Submitted by: Martin Dodd

Julian Gollop & Mythos Games teamed up to produce the updated version of Chaos in 1998 with online multiplayer battles.

This was a real time role playing adventure like Lords of Chaos in which you had to defeat other Wizards found in different Regions on a map through the campaign storyline. Each region (Greek/Celtic/Arthurian) won gives you an artefact for your Grimoire – a book that gives you knowledge about spells, artefacts and regions. You were given a Portmanteau to decide which spells you wanted for each mission.

The graphics were nice to look at and still are. The music was atmospheric & really rallied you on in battles as it was specially produced by musicians; The Afro Celt Sound System. They incorporated many traditional instruments such as Harp, Hurdy Gurdy & a Bodhran (an Irish Drum) for full sonic effect.

Sadly all these goodies couldn’t really make up for a game to rival the original Chaos in my own opinion. Gone were the range of spells- the disbelieve spell being one of them. Another major game play issue was in the original the spells you had were random and even then there was a gamble that they would cast/not cast, this was not the case for this version even in the quick battle option.

In summary an updated version that touched upon many features of the original and added a few more but failed to provide the key features that made the 1985 Chaos so much a classic!