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Mario and Yoshi

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Released: 1992

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Game Freak

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Mario and Yoshi are arguably gaming's greatest double act. They have appeared together in some of the best games ever made, yet, unfortunatly their game entitled, Mario and Yoshi, for the Gameboy isn't one of their greatest moments in gaming.

Mario and Yoshi is a puzzle game where the player controls Mario who has to match up the falling enemies into pairs for them to disappear, if they are not paired up they will keep building up until the enemies hit the top of the screen causing you to die. Yoshi doesn't appear as a playable character, he instead has a fixed place on the right hand side of the screen, accumulating eggs which when there are enough of can help remove more than one pair at once, acting as a sort of power-up.

That's the game basically. It isn't the hardest game in the world it is just quite boring to play. The player can change the difficulty and gameplay settings, but these changes are only minimal and don't really add to the game in anyway. The player can also choose to play as Luigi aswell, if they wish, but again it doesn't give much variety to this game. The graphics are ok for the Gameboy, but the music isn't that good.

To conclude Mario and Yoshi isn't the greatest game both characters have appeared in. It gets boring fast and compared to Tetris it isn't even in the same league in terms of puzzle games. The music isn't great and the graphics are ok but if you have a choice between this and Tetris for your Gameboy, Tetris wins everytime. The NES version of the game is available for download on the Virtual Console but I would save your points for something better. Unless you are a hardcore Gameboy collector, I would let this one pass you by.