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Mario Virtual Boy

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Released: 1995

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Virtual Boy

Publisher: None

Developer: Jorgeche

Submitted by: peter maris

Mario VB is a one level Demo by “Jorgeche”, A PVB user. The game is a pretty sweet demo of what could have been. Note, I’m using the reality boy emulator. 

It is a 2D Mario game where you can jump back and forwards in the screen, and there are a total of 3 layers you can jump to (unlike Wario land which only has two.) If you press select once you can scroll threw the level and if you press select twice you can move both the far end background (the background at the end you can’t jump to) and the bushes in the front layer.

There is no story so far, but if the game is ever made past a one level demo then probably Mario has to save Peach from Bowser or something along those lines.
 The graphics don’t jump in your face like the beginning of Mario tennis, but in this game it doesn’t matter since the select functions and three layers make it well worth not having in your face graphics. The Title Screen is the best I’ve seen on a VB, and the sprite’s are pretty cool too.

Sadly, there is no sound. It’s just a demo so there is really no replay value, but when the game is finished, I bet it will have a great Replay value!

As much as Wario land

. Should You Play it? 
It’s just a demo, but I recommend anyone who likes VB to play this demo

. For just being a one level demo, it’s pretty darn good!

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