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Mega Bomberman

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Released: 1994

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Hudson

Submitted by: Ryan Davies

Mega Drive… Bomberman… Mega, Bomberman? It works for the SNES games, why not? Yeah! Well, the PC-Engine version is called Bomberman '94 (nice FIFA alternative there), and the SNES one's called Super Bomberman 3, so why not? Okay, first things first – I prefer the PC-Engine version, because it's a lot more colourful, but today we're here to talk about the MEGA DRIVE version. Good.

Ahem. "For many SEGA-gamers, this was their first taste of Bomberman, as he hadn't appeared on any SEGA systems previously". Right, get to the part where everyone gets blown up! Because that's what Bomberman's all about, right? Explosions? "Back in the day" all of the magazines were a bit scared writing about this one, what with the IRA and all that, but everyone still bought it, due to it being superior to everything ever. Like, FOR ONCE, here was a Bomberman game with a REALLY GOOD single player mode!

Bomberman-Planet has been split into five slices, and the only way to join it back together is for Bomberman to blow up lots of fluffy animals and stuff, then blow up some bosses. That works. Mine cart sections and everything! Forest-level, Lava-level, Underwater-level, Haunted House-level, Snow-level, you know the drill. It is the 1990s, after all.

Let's get to the multiplayer-ness. Four players! The PC-Engine one lets you have five, but that doesn't matter right now. Who has more than three friends anyway? No-one, unless they're deluding themselves. So everyone chooses their Bomberman (including Fat-man, Midget-man, Girl-man and Nazi-man) and then they blow each other up. That's the main reason why people like Bomberman games, and that's what you're given. Plus lots of tricky arenas with conveyor belts and the like. Boom-shack-a-lack-a (it's the 1990s).