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Megaman II

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Released: 1992

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Submitted by: Ian Barlow

It came as little surprise that Capcom would release a second Gameboy game in the Megaman series, and as you would have expected it plays pretty much like the first one!

Capcom has taken the same structure as the previous Gameboy title and have just added in the rest of the bosses from Megaman 2 (half of which you beat in Megaman) and half of the Megaman 3 robots. You can only initially choose from Woodman, Metalman, Airman and Clashman (that’s not a typo they actually misspelled Crashman in the game) but 4 of Megaman 3’s bosses appear later in the game though this time each boss has their own level as opposed to going straight to a boss fight.

Megaman now also has his slide move from Megaman 3. As with the Nes iterations this move can be used to great effect evading enemy and boss attacks which in turn help boss fights feel less claustrophobic than those featured in the first game. Megaman is also accompanied by his dog Rush who can transform into a spring to reach high up areas, a submarine for easily navigating underwater environments and a jet to soar harmlessly over large pits.

Also introduced in this game is the Gameboy exclusive boss Quint whose attacks revolve around using a pogo stick to try to crush Megaman.

This game does a great job of improving on the previous title with more levels making the overall experience last longer, while the slide move makes boss battles a less cumbersome affair than previously. My only 2 complaints on the game are that the music is truly horrible, quite possibly the worst music in the history of Megaman series with its high pitched squeals which will make you reach for the Gameboys volume dial. The other problem is the difficulty as it is just far too easy but even that doesn’t stop the game from being another great entry into the Megaman series.