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Megaman IV

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Released: 1994

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Submitted by: Ian Barlow

The 4th iteration in Capcoms handheld Megaman series doesn’t really do anything new but it does manage to provide a good solid platformer that is immensely fun to play.

Megaman IV features the same tried and tested gameplay that has made the series hit with a mixture of blasting a large variety of enemies and negotiating pixel perfect jumps.

Then there are the bosses who are a challenge unto themselves, only by sussing out each bosses attack pattern will you stand a hope of defeating each of them to take down Dr Wily once and for all (or until the next sequel!). This time Megaman faces off against: Pharaohman, Toadman, Ringman and Brightman (from Megaman 4) and then Napalmman, Chargeman, Crystalman and Stoneman (from Megaman 5). Aside from the usual 8 robot masters a new boss is included exclusively for this Gameboy game called Ballade.

Also new for MMIV is Dr Light’s shop which can be used to buy items and equipment. This was the first time for a shop to be included in a Megaman game and has since appeared in many other games in the series.

Graphically Megaman IV looks superb. All of the characters, enemies and backdrops in the game look very close to those used in the Nes games which is an achievement in itself, while the music also sounds extremely close to those used on the Nes. The only downside with the game comes from the in game slowdown which can occur throughout the game. While not ruining the game it does become rather noticeable at times. This is also the only game to have Megaman bounce back when using his charged buster, this will no doubt catch people off guard the first time as they inadvertently shoot an enemy in mid air and fly backwards into a pit accidently!

Overall Megaman IV is quite an achievement of what Capcom could do with the limited GB hardware. It looks, sounds and plays almost identical to the Nes games so if you want a great portable Megaman game then this is the game for you!