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Megaman V

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Released: 1995

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Submitted by: Ian Barlow

While the last 4 Megaman games were simply handheld reinventions of the Nes games, Capcom opted for a different approach with Megaman V as this game was built exclusively for the Gameboy and includes many new features such as brand new stage bosses (as opposed to using bosses from the Nes games), a completely different charge shot and a brand new animal helper character

But the one thing that has been left largely untouched is Megamans excellent gameplay. The game still plays like the 4 previous entries in the series which involve mainly blasting the many enemies that reside in each level and dodging the many dangers that hinder Megamans progression (Spikes, bottomless pits…) however Megamans new charge shot will involve different approaches to situations as it has a much shorter reach than his old charge shot and while the arm is detached you are unable to use normal shots until the arm returns to you.

This game also marks the first appearance of Tango the cat, Megamans new animal helper character. When selected Tango will teleport on screen, curl up into a ball and bounce around damaging any enemies that get in the way, its not really that effective though!

For me, it is the boss fights that make this game one (if not) my favourite Gameboy game. Each of the 8 new “Stardroids” are excellent in design and are a genuine joy to fight against. The difficulty for each boss is well pitched and at no point did any boss seem impossible to beat. As well as the 8 stage bosses Capcom has also seen fit to include 3 past bosses for Megaman to fight again. These are the Gameboy exclusive bosses from the first 3 GB games (Enker, Quint and Punk), and this is the only original Megaman game that doesn’t feature Dr Wily as the final boss!

All in all, if you have enjoyed previous Megaman games or just want a great platformer for the Gameboy you cannot go wrong with this game.