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Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: 3DO

Of all the genres, perhaps the most derided is the FMV game. How could it not be? This is, after all, the genre that brought us such incredibly interactive experiences as Night Trap and Road Avenger. But let’s not be unfair to developers – they did try hard to introduce interactivity into FMV games, and MegaRace is just one example of that. Unfortunately, that’s where the charity ends because MegaRace just isn’t very good.

Once you’ve managed to bypass the irritating TV show host, you’ll find that MegaRace is a racing game with a little bit of shooting involved, with the player having to survive a set number of laps to progress. The difference between MegaRace and other racing games is that the tracks are all pre-rendered FMV, an innovative approach which yields some nice visuals, but little else. Handling feels awkward as the camera position is necessarily fixed, and speed variations are represented by altering the speed of the FMV playback, meaning that slow driving is coupled with an awful frame rate. It’s a brave attempt to do something different with FMV, but innovation doesn’t equal excellence in this case.