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Metal Slug X

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Released: 1999

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Neo Geo

Publisher: SNK

Developer: SNK

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

After the release of Metal Slug 2, SNK decided to release an updated and improved version of Metal Slug 2 called Metal Slug X for the Neo-Geo. The graphics, comedy, characters and sound are still present from the last game but some worthwhile improvements were made making it a much more fulfilling experience.

Metal Slug X is basically the same as Metal Slug 2 only with a few minor differences making I feel a much better experience. Metal Slug X removed the slowdowns which were present in Metal Slug 2 making the game more fluid to play. The game also has got new weapons, power ups and a new Metal Slug Vehicle helping make the game at least a little bit different to it's predecessor.

As with Metal Slug 2 the game was ported to the Neo-Geo and as is expected with Neo-Geo games it goes for a small fortune on E-Bay in complete condition. Luckily Metal Slug X was released for the Playstation and is part of the Metal Slug Anthology for the Wii meaning you haven't got to spend your life savings to own a copy. Aswell as this the predecessor game Metal Slug 2 is available on the Wii Virtual Console for 900 Wii Points and is a worthwhile download for any SNK, Metal Slug or Run 'n Gun fan.

To conclude Metal Slug X is a good remake of Metal Slug 2 and is a brilliant game in the classic franchise. It has the classic comedy, gameplay, sound and graphics everyone loves from Metal Slug 2, only slightly altered for a near perfect gaming experience. For convenience finacially I would either download Metal Slug 2 from the Virtual Console because it is basically the same game or buy Metal Slug Anthology as you can have nearly the whole Metal Slug series on one game. But if you are a SNK fanboy it's a game you really need to have in your Neo-Geo collection.