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Motocross Madness

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Released: 1998

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PC - Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Rainbow

Submitted by: Tony White

Well motocross madness or mcm as it was more commonly know. This game lifted the lid on mx games for me and many people alike. I do recall buying my copy as it was bundled with a Microsoft sidewinder pad.

As for the game it was set out over a few different events including Nationals, supercross baja stuntquarry and mototag. Each event had its merits of course I would say that most players who played this game started with stunt quarries as it was relatively easy to get the hang of the bike but at the same time being able to ride almost anywhere on the map.

Supercross was just like real supercross the track was set inside a stadium with the different sections of whoops tabletops doubles and quads all set out to make each track individual to the rest.

National racing was like the above but set outside with a lot more elevation changes as well as the whoop tabletop sections ect

Baja racing is basically racing across open terrain towards waypoints in the correct order to be the first to make it though the set number of checkpoints

Stunts. As the name implies open terrain again but this time its freestyle try to pull of many tricks before each landing to gain points per trick dependant on difficulty against a set time limit.

Moto tag racing same terrain as stunts and Baja but one player is “IT” and has to catch other riders to pass on the it just like a game of everyday tag but on bikes

Bike came in 3 different size engines 125 cc 250 cc and the 500 cc each with there own unique handling, larger engine bikes turn slower etc due to weight etc. And of course each bike had its own sound from the hairdryer sounding 125 cc to the big bore throaty 500cc.

The game came onto another level for me when I discovered the MSN zone, where you could play mcm online against other racers up to 8 racers could compete per race this is when I found out that nationals and supercross were the more popular styles of riding and racing and normally on 250cc as the host of the race could set which cc was to be ran so to limit all bikes the same.

The other awesome feature bundled with mcm was the ability to make your own tracks with the inbuilt track editor which was fine and well made but as the community around mcm grew the track editor was taken to a whole new level with people designing there own tracks using programs such as photomaker to create truly stunning efforts and then running though the track editor so the track became playable for all. Then of course ppl would pass around the track to race each other on the mcm zone tracks like slingshot swissmoss 747 became the main stay of gaming on the zone. And by heck was it fun..