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Muppet Racemania

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Released: 1999

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: PlayStation

Publisher: Traveller's Tales

Developer: Jim Henson Interactive

Submitted by: Stephen Westwood

Ok, so after the initial shock and realisation that Playstation is now 'retro' I decided to review a few of my favourite games from that 'ancient' system!

This one's a 'Mario Kart' type game, but one of the best ones out there.  It seemed for a while that all licenses ended up as kart games, and that IS a criticism, but with the Muppets it works well. 

There is loads of the Muppet wackiness, a very large host of the characters make an appearance and the tracks (of which there are a massive 28) all feature very nicely rendered scenes from the 6 Muppet movies.  Each one can be a bit confusing to navigate at first, and it all speeds along fast yet with hardly any of the 3D technical problems, but you soon remember the layouts and beat your friend who doesn't know them!  For the very young there is a cheat that steers the car just enough to stop you getting lost… a nice touch.

There are SO many 'nice touches'.  Driving over the fruit enables you to use the 'boost', stars give you weapons… homing chickens, penguin land mines, bouncing bombs and shootable fish.  The muppets yell things when they're hit, you can jump, you can make short cuts, there's A LOT going on.  Add to that there are lots of different modes, including straight out battles, 'stunt' tracks, 'Chicken chase',  and the adventure mode where you're on your own on whatever track you choose and are timed as you search things out or try to pick everything up, whatever you choose.  Loads of unlockables including real clips from the movies and extra tracks… not to mention trying to get hold of all 25 vehicles and selectable Muppets.  There's so much to do so unlike a lot of racing games the one player mode is great!  Then of course, you can race split screen with a friend.

If you're a 'Mario Kart' fan you should enjoy this, if you're a Muppet fan as well… you're in heaven!  Choose your favouite Muppet, step in some weird vehicle, a cheese on wheels anyone?  And go for it!