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Nam 1975

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Released: 1990

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Neo Geo

Publisher: SNK

Developer: SNK

Submitted by: Yiu

What do Baseball Stars, Nam 1975 and Magician Lord all have in common? They were all launch titles for the Neo Geo AES home system back in 1990. Nam1975 is an old school third person shooter similar to the guise of Dynamite Duke, Cabal, Riot and Wild Guns. The premise of these games have the player on the foreground facing a battlefield in front of him while the stage either remain stationary or scroll in which ever directions. Usually the player is allow to move only left and right while remaining on the foreground. You are allow to shoot in all eight directions to respond to oncoming threats. It is the limitation of play that defines this genre of third person shooter.

Nam 1975 tells the story of a US soldier going back to Vietnam on a rescue operation. The story is narrated at the end of every stage with full dialogues and cut scenes. Back in the 90‘s, these were really amazing stuff. There weren’t that many games with clear good voice sample because of the poor sound quality and manufacturing cost. The game really showcase the audio audibility of the Neo Geo. Not only does it has clear voice dialogues, it also has a really under rated audio sound track. The compose scores are definitely some of the best music in a video game. The graphics for this game won’t drop your jaws, but the fluid animation will. I remember I’d never seen such fluid animation in a video game until I saw this one in action. This game remains one of the most fluidly animated title on the Neo Geo. This is a game I personally like a lot.


(These are the dip switch setting on the original home AES cartridge. If you’re using an emulator, try to set it like this and give it a play through. The difficulty setting is very reasonable and it doesn’t make this a quarter muncher.)

Difficulty Level = 5

Lives = 3 men

Continues Allow = 5 times