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Nekketsu Oyako

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Released: 1995

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: Sega Saturn

Publisher: Technosoft

Developer: Technosoft

Submitted by: Steve L.


As the 32-bit era burst on the scene, an old fan favorite genre went by the wayside. At least for the most part it did.

One thing was certain: the ''beat 'em up'' genre was no longer a flooded class.

With Nekketsu Oyako, released in summer of '95, "Technosoft" attempted to bring back the good old days one more time. But is it a trip down memory lane we'd like to take? Or avoid like a dark stairway filled with beastly growls?


Think Final Fight, with a hint of a Parodius-bastardized touch to it. Choose from three characters, ye ole standard strong man, all-around guy, and the fast but
weak female. There are five stages in all.

I feel that Nekketsu Oyako had a lot of potential. Some areas were filled in adequately while others left a small to large gap. Better graphics and better sound would have been great. Also I must say this game doesn't feel very impactful. The punches you deliver to enemies don't feel very crisp or have
that ''OOMPH!'' impact. I found that disappointing.

But personally, seeing as these types of games are sparse on the Saturn, I'm not going to complain all that much. Nekketsu Oyako lived up to my expectations as a semi-competent 2D beat 'em up that doesn't do the genre disgrace. If you're a fan of this old genre and can find a copy for $20 or so, it's worth picking up.

Just don't expect too much.

On a final note, it is import only and for the full review, see my website RVGFANATIC