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Ninja Spirit

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Released: 1990

Genre: Beat-’em-up

Format reviewed: PC Eng/Turbografx-16

Publisher: NEC

Developer: Irem

Submitted by: aaran marbell

The main character’s name is Moonlight. His father has been killed and Moonlight is after revenge. The opening scene is nothing special. The saving grace is witnessing Moonlight’s change into a wolf.
Though I enjoyed this game, much of my enjoyment came from listening to the music as I played. There isn’t enough platform play to keep your hands sweating. There isn’t much jumping to be done, and when there is – like in the mountain level you won’t really die for lack of planning a jump.
Also, the game’s easy compared to Ninja Gaiden. But while that series of ninja side-scrollers does feature a similarly sized fella and amazing tunes. Ninja Spirit features a quartet of selectable main weapons that can each be powered up only once: the sword, the shurikens, the dynamite, can ninjas do dynamite? and the chain and sickle. In almost all cases, the sword is the most effective weapon, despite the coolness factor that the fourth weapon brings. The dynamite is the most effective boss killer – don’t try using it against the kite boss though.
Ninja Spirit is a great game. It's certainly better than Shinobi, but falls short of Revenge of Shinobi's greatness, and doesnt compare to Ninja Gaiden 2. Still, you won't be too disappointed, and you'll be glad for the sounds you get to play by.