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Operation Stealth

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Released: 1990

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: US Gold

Developer: Delphine

Submitted by: Kai Lunkeit

This fine adventure game puts you in the role of secret agent Glames, John Glames who works for Her Majesty's Secret…err…the C.I.A. Accordingly, the US version of the game was retitled JAMES BOND – THE STEALTH AFFAIR where your character was Bond, James Bond. That took a lot from the game's funny atmosphere which was meant as a nod to the adventures of the world's most known secret agent.

Your task is to find the presumed hijacked stealth bomber F-117A and the first hint leads to the South American town Santa Paragua where you'll talk to a lot of people and try to find clues.

After Delphine's great adventure game named FUTURE WARS, this was the second one labelled "cinematique" due to its presentation style. The controls are very comfortable and you only need your mouse and don't need to fiddle around with a parser. You now can also combine objects in your inventory and have a magnifying glass which lets you find the clues much easier than in the previous adventure.

OPERATION STEALTH offers fine graphics and a thrilling storyline which has a nice sense of humour. Not as great as in the adventures from Lucasfilm Games but definitely worth a look!