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Pac-Man: Special Colour Edition

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Released: 1999

Publisher: Namco

Developer: Nintendo

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Pac-Man: Special Colour Edition for the Gameboy Colour was the same as every Pac-Man port. The little yellow man still gobbles ghosts and dots but also you have the ability to play Pac-Attack which is a Tetris like game. Pac-Man is still as fun as ever and because of the added ability of being in colour for the Gameboy Colour it made the game even better. The game is fun and had great graphics for a handheld console. All in all this game is as fun on the Gameboy Colour as any other system. With the added ability to play the game anywhere being on the Gameboy colour also made the game brilliant. Also having a second game is Pac-Attack made the game playable for even longer. This is one of the most superior versions of Pac-Man for any system I feel and this game is just fantastic.