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Paradroid 90

10,683 views 0 comments

Released: 1990

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Hewson

Developer: Graftgold

Submitted by: Paul Kitching

In this sequel to the C64 original, you once again take control of an “Influence Device”, and are beamed aboard a ship that has been overrun by rogue droids. There are five ships (plus the Raiders ship – accessed by collecting a key on each of the five main ships), which all have a different layout/colour/number of decks & droids (unlike the original).

Your objective is to destroy all the droids on each ship. This is done by shooting them with your weapon, or transferring to them. There are 13 different droids to meet, each with their own look/weapon/sensors. When you transfer to a droid you enter an optional sub-game, where you have to take control by connecting pulsers to a circuit. At the end, the droid that has the most connections wins. If you are the Influence Device and the other droid beats you, it's game over, otherwise you lose your current droid and have to find another. The better the droid, the more pulsers you have.

The decks have energisers that restore your energy levels, and consoles that give details on the deck, ship, droids, and other game stats. The other decks are accessed by the lifts, and can be tackled in any order. When the ship is cleared, you move to the next by accessing a transmat.

Being a fan of the original Paradroid, I was looking forward this release, and while I enjoyed it, it does have a difficulty level that I find “off the scale”. The control method for transferring sometimes causes death by disengaging when you lose your slave droid and have to re-activate it while avoiding the droid shooting you.

There are several differences to the C64 version. The main one is that the screen only scrolls vertically. I did get used to this after a while, but it feels strange to begin with, and the droids aren't shown by their numbers; they look like the droids they represent.

Sound, music and graphics are all well done, and overall it's definitely worth a look if you like the original.

Paradroid 90

10,728 views 0 comments

Released: 1990

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Atari ST

Developer: Andrew Braybrook

Submitted by: Scratch Porkings

I loved Paradroid on the mighty C64, and when I upgraded to the ST  and heard about the upcoming Paradroid 90 I nearly wet myself! Imagine my disapointment when magazine reviews only gave review scores in the late 70's or low 80's when i was expecting 99. Still when I played the demo ( it was an ST Amiga dual format demo, if I remember) I found the game was still brilliant. What do reviewers know? Exploring spaceships top down and playing a simple puzzle minigame to aqure new robots is still fun today. It only scrolled Vertically was the main difference, it didn't feel as "free" as the C64 version. The robots all felt different too, they had a Darlek droid and bipedal droids which all felt unique to handle. When you complete a ship there was a mad chase to get to a beam out spot which was a thrill! Brilliant. The game felt different enough to the C64 version to be its own game I'd say. Still fun to play, I think this game is a classic, hunt it down!