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PGA European Tour

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Released: 1996

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: PC - DOS

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Intelligent Games

Submitted by: Martin Dodd

This concludes my golfing trilogy of reviews and this was the first game I bought for my PC. It came in one of those big boxes to show off its full price (£39.99 at the time, no change in game prices then!) – Not those weedy looking DVD boxes we get nowadays.

Unlike the PGA Tiger Woods games that seem to be marketed for the Yanks this game felt so British to me and will always retain a place in my gaming heart because of it. This was made in a time before 3dfx cards became the norm and the graphics had a grainy quality to them that added to the overall feel of playing on an autumn day at Wentworth England so yes, there was rain to contend with on some days too!

Hiring “the voice of golf” Peter Alliss for commentary was a genius move for EA that further made the game feel more like your round was being covered by the BBC on a Sunday afternoon with its featured movies of the 3 courses, pro golfer information and hole fly-bys so you could see the course in real life.

This was a classic PC DOS title that provided you with 72 holes of European golfing heaven that I have yet to be given an opportunity of playing a round with the same homely feel as this game gave me again.