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Planescape Torment

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Released: 1999

Genre: RPG

Format reviewed: PC - Windows

Publisher: Interplay

Developer: Black Isle Studios

Submitted by: Giorgio Lolli

Planescape Torment is the greatest RPG ever.

Using Baldur's Gate Infinity engine, Torment is set in the D&D Planescape universe: it is a multiverse, a series of planes interconnected by portals and they can be reached from Sigil, "the city of doors".

You are “The Nameless One” and at the start of the game you wake up in an mortuary without knowing who you are, with only a clue: a tattoo regarding a guy named Pharod and a flying skull who self proclames to be your friend. He is Morte and is only the first of a series of unforgettable characters that will aid you in your quest.

But what really is your quest? This time you don't have to save the world; this time you have to save your soul. As you soon discover you are immortal, but why? This time you have to search who you are, sorry, who you WERE. In fact you can decide by yourself who you are now by your actions, by your words. For the first time in a game you can really shape yourself, not only your statistics, but the way you interact with NPC and your companions influences the plot.

The game is not combat oriented, you'll soon discover that many times the best solution (even in terms of exp points gained) to a quest is obtained by speaking and reasoning. The main theme of the game is: “what can change the nature of a man“? Love? Hate? Friendship? Honour? Each of these feelings are personified by one of your party members. Each one of them has a story to tell, IS a story to be told. Each one you’ll love or hate , but you’ll always remember ALL of them, since they are various facets of the protagonist, and through him of you, the player.

Torment is not a perfect game, it has his flaws, but you’ll enjoy every moment you play it, every story it tells you, every person you encounter until the dramatic and in his simplicity inevitable sad finale.

That’s why Torment is the greatest RPG ever.