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Player Manager

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Released: 1990

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Anco

Developer: Dino Dini

Submitted by: Martin Dodd

With the current crop of football management style games on today’s market. None have really captured what I liked most about Player Manager. I’m not interested in spreadsheet style game play or button combinations that require the finger dexterities of a classical pianist. I want a game that is easy and addictive to play. Player Manager offers you all this. I like the fact that you can play as part of the team and not as the whole team; something current developers don’t incorporate, why? it’s a simple enough idea!

As in real life, nothing is more disheartening than to be sent off to the bench due to an injury or worse, a red card after desperately trying to play the game of your life. The Cpu players seem to possess a character all of their own and you do tend find yourself shouting, “what the ****’s he doing? Pass it forward not back!”

Yet, nothing is more exhilarating than scoring a goal after a pass from a Cpu mate that wins the FA cup or a league position.

The management side is easy to master yet a little thin for today’s gamer. Just pick your team, select your tactics add a few more players from the transfer list and the Premier League (sorry, First Division – this is 1990) should be yours!

A few sequels were released. Although they had expanded upon the management side of things they failed in the Kick Off style game play that made the original so great.

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