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Pokemon Gold/Silver

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Released: 1999

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Game Boy Color

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Game Freak

Submitted by: Mike Fryatt

The second installments of the pokemon game series, following Red, Blue, Green & Yellow.

The games are set in the fantasy pokemon world of Johto. Other than the original 151, 100 new and exclusive Pokémon have been added to the game's lands. Although both games are independent of each other, the plot remains very similar. To complete your new Pokedex, it is necessary to trade not only between the two but also with their predecessors.

One of the most interesting new features of these games, is the inclusion of an internal clock. Certain aspects of the game are effected by the time of day or day of week. For example, Hoothoot will only appear at night and the bug catching contest,  in Goldenrod City's national park are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

With 21.2 million copies sold, Pokemon Gold/Sivler remain the highest selling GameBoy Color games and the  third highest selling games for the GameBoy/Color combined behind the Tetris and the Original Pokemon GameBoy games respectively. This was one of the earlier GameBoy Color Games, when they were still able to be played on the original GameBoy consoles. Later games, including the updated release of these games (Pokemon Crystal) were only able to be played on the GameBoy Color consoles.

Original Pokemon Silver Box Blurb:     

"Gotta Catch even more

Enter a whole new world, with new Pokemon to capture, train and battle! Meet Professor Elm and get the all-new Poke Gear, including map, radio, cell phone and clock. Set the clock then watch as day turns to night and events take place in real time – and be sure to keep an eye out for Pokemon that come out at night!

– Dozens of never before seen Pokemon! Find new evolutions for some familiar Pokemon and discover whole new species. Your Pokedex will even reveal genders of same Pokemon.

– A whole new world! Explore Johto, where there are new gym leaders to beat and eight new badges to earn.

– Two new types! Introducind Dark – and Steel – type Pokemon.

– Trade with Gold, Red, Blue and Yellow versions to catch em' all!

– Compatible with Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS!"

Pokemon Pikachu 2 was Tamagotchi style digital pet featuring Pikachu. Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS features an infrared port for interacting with Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal via the Mystery Gift option.